The Liberation of Belsen

Lívia Révész

"I remember the day and the hour of our liberation very well. It is burned in my memory and I couldn’t wipe it out if I tried. I remember every small detail clearly. I’d also like to say something about the events preceding it. The British forces reached us on April 15, 1945, three weeks before Germany’s final capitulation. (It was the 11th British Armoured Division)..."

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Dagmar Lieblova

„I was fifteen and couldn't imagine that we would get out of it or, on the other hand, that it would all come to an end now. I can remember saying that I would never see trees or forests again, or go anywhere by train.”

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Lea Merényi

„Liberation happened so that one fine day the gates of the camp were open, and we just looked at each other wondering what that was. Just like that. They didn’t say anything. There weren’t any Germans anywhere. This was the end of April or beginning of May”

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Gizela Fudem

„And when the English came, they said through the speakers not to worry, that we're free. I remember I wasn't even joyful, I had no idea how to be happy. I couldn't believe it was really the end, I wasn't really conscious of anything”.

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