Resources for Teachers and Students in England

At Centropa, we believe students learn best when they can find the me in a storysomething they can relate to, something that makes the story personal. At the request of educators we work with in the United Kingdom, we’ve done just that, and we now offer UK students three access points to the trauma and horror of the Second World War, and the role played by British citizens and soldiers.

additional resources for students

How to make a film

Since video is the natural language of today’s teenagers, Centropa would like to combine students’ talent for making videos with their keen desire to compete, along with our desire to help them learn. The result can be a project they will be very proud of. This guide is for students and teachers alike. 

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Centropa Border Jumping

Create class projects and share them with students in other countries.

A special section for online class projects on Jewish history, which you can share with students all over the world.

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